Eco Rite principal business is Manufacturing and Exporting of Coir Twines

Coir twine is made out of coconut fiber which is extracted from The coconut husk. We are supplying our coir

twine for various industrial purposes and landscape works.

We have been supplying twine to the USA hop industry which is used to train up the hop vine which supports and allows them for a significant greater growth.

It is a proven fact that the usage of coir twine improves the yield of hop fruit and relatively less labor is needed to grow/guide the hop plant, as the plant itself grows along the twine with the help of hairiness the twine has.
Domestic & Horticulture industry
We supply a wide range of twines for Domestic and Horticulture industries suitable for various purposes including fence making, pot hanging, tying up plants, and many other related applications. Coconut fiber twine has unique features such as well-balanced tension, flexible in using, biodegradability, and in a variety of sizes.
Advantages of coir twine being used